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Minggu, 18 November 2012

ICIEF Turkey Call for Papers 2013

Growth, Equity and Stability: An Islamic Perspective
9-11 September 2013, Istanbul, TURKEY

The Ninth ICIEF at a Glance
Recovery from the global financial crisis and subsequent economic downturn remains fragile. Persistent risks to financial and economic development include sluggish growth in developed countries – which is now spilling over into developing economies as well; increasing income and wealth inequalities; and still-unrestored financial, economic and political stability in many regions. High poverty and unemployment rates, large macroeconomic imbalances, deteriorations in sovereign credibility, increasing food price volatility and food shortages, and lack of access to basic infrastructure further intensify and magnify these risks – particularly for the underprivileged segments of the world population. As a result, for many countries it has become even more challenging to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations.

The existing structure of the economic and financial system is also continuing to be questioned at the highest level of intellectual and political discourse. The growing emphasis on ethics and morality in economic and financial transactions highlights the structural problems undermining the confidence in the current system and, in turn, the pressing need for more durable alternatives.

To highlight some and more of these issues, the Ninth ICIEF is being jointly organized by the Statistical, Economic & Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), a subsidiary organ of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group through its Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), the International Association for Islamic Economics (IAIE), and the Qatar Foundation’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University through its Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), with the support of other stakeholders. The Conference will be held for three days on 9-11 September 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey, under the theme “Growth, Equity and Stability: An Islamic Perspective”.

Focus Areas
The Ninth Conference will provide a platform for dialogue and discussions between policy-makers, academics, researchers, graduate students, and practitioners to address the problems of poverty alleviation, inclusive economic growth, and macroeconomic stability from the perspective of the Islamic economics and finance discipline.

In this context, theoretical and empirical research papers are invited in Arabic and English languages for submission to the Conference in the following and related areas, subject to any conditions described in this announcement:
Academic Committee Member
Center for Islamic Economics and Finance
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS)
Hamad bin Khalifa University
Member of Qatar Foundation
P.O. Box 34110 Doha, Qatar
Email: 9ICIEF@qfis.edu.qa
Email: 9ICIEF@isdb.org

Tickets and HotelOne author of each accepted paper will be sponsored round-trip economy class air tickets and hotel stay during the Conference. The author who wishes to avail conference sponsorship must be specified clearly.

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