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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Marketing & Business Research

  •  Conjoint analysis and Discrete choice modeling, Factor analysis, Discriminate analysis, Cluster analysis, Logistic regression modeling, MaxDiff Scaling, Multiple regression analysis, Multi-dimensional scaling, Net promoter index, Penalty-Reward analysis, Perceptual mapping, CHAID analysis
  •  Market share, Relative Market Share, Market Concentration, Brand Development
    Index, Category Development Index, Penetration, Share of Requirements, Heavy Usage Index, Awareness, Attitudes and Usage, Customer Satisfaction, Willingness to Recommend, Willingness to Search
  • Margins Selling Prices and Channel Margins, Average Price per Unit and Price per Statistical Unit, Marketing Spending, Break Even Analysis and Contribution Analysis, Target Volume.
  • Percentage and CAGR, Cannibalization Rate and Fair Share Draw Rate, Brand Equity Metrics, Conjoint Utilities and Consumer Preference, Segmentation and Conjoint Utilities, Conjoint Utilities and Volume Projection
  • Customers,Recency and Retention, Customer Profit, Customer Lifetime Value, Prospect Value versus Customer Value, Acquisition versus Retention Spending.
  • Sales Forces Coverage, Sales Force Goals, Sales Force Results, Sales Force Compensation, Pipeline Analysis, Numeric Distribution, ACV Distribution and PCV Distribution, Facings and Share of Shelf, Out-of-Stock and Service Levels, Inventory Turns, Markdowns, Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment, Direct Product Profitability.

  • Price Premium, Reservation Price, Percent Good Value, Price Elasticity of Demand, Optimal Prices, linear and Constant Demand, ”Own”, ”Cross”, and ”Residual” Price Elasticity.

  • Baseline Sales, Incremental Sales and Promotional Lift, Redemption Rates for Coupons/ Rebates, Percent Sales on Deal, Percent Time on Deal and Average Deal Depth, Pass-Through and Price Waterfall.

  • Advertising Impressions, Gross Rating Points and Opportunities-to-See, Cost per Thuusand Impressions Rates, Reach/Net Reach and Frequency, Frequency Response Functions, Effective Reach and Effective Frequency, Share of Voice, Impressi9ons, Pageviews and Hits, Clickthrough Rates, Cost per Impression, Cost per Click and Cost of Acqusition, Visits, Visitors and Abandonment.

  • Net Profit and Return on Sales, Return on Investment, Economic Profit, Project Metrics:Payback, NPV and IRR, Return on Marketing Investment.

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