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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Jurnal & Prosiding Ekonomi Syariah

    Ketersediaan Literatur Ekonomi Syariah dalam bentuk Jurnal yang berkualitas, masih terhitung langka. Untuk membantu siapa pun yang membutuhkannya, kami Blog Ekonomi Islam Substantif menyediakan Jurnal dan Prosiding Ekonomi Syariah dengan konten tulisan berkualitas dengan tema up to date. Berikut ini adalah beberapa Jurnal tersebut.

  1.   ISEFID REVIEW - 2004 (1.Landscape for the Future Islamic Economics, 2.Paradigma Ekonomi Konvensional dalam Sosialisasi Ekonomi Islam, 3.Prospek dan Peranan Perbankan Syariah dalam Pemulihan Ekonomi, 4.Current Valuation Accounting Method: An Islamic Perspective, 5.The Investment Environment in the Arab Region, 6.Book Review: Interest-Free Commercial Banking)
2.   ISLAMIC FINANCE: AN OLD SKELETON IN A MODERN DRESS - 2008 (1.A Critical Appraisal on the Challenges of Realizing Maqasid Shariah in Islamic Banking and Finance, 2.Practice and Prospect of Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts (I-REITS) in Malaysian Islamic Capital Market, 3.Banking for The Poor: The Role of Islamic Banking in Microfinance Initiatives, 4.Why Do Malaysian Customers Patronise Islamic Banks?, 5.The Ideal of Islamic Banking: A Survey of Stakeholders Perceptions, 6.Understanding the Objectives of Islamic Banking: A Survey of Stakeholders Perspectives, 7.Maqasid Shariah, Maslahah and Corporate Social Responsibility, 8.Customers Perceptions of Islamic Hire-Purchase Facility in Malaysia: An Empirical Analysis, 9.Fiqh Issues in Short Selling as Implemented in the Islamic Capital Market in Malaysia, 10.Commodity Murabahah Programme (CMP): An Innovative Approach to Liquidity Management)

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011


JURNAL LA RIBA, Vol II No. 2, Desember 2008

Title: Mencandera Industri Perbankan Syariah Indonesia: Tinjauan Kritis Pasca UU 21 Tahun 2008.

Writer: Aam S. Rusydiana

After UU 21 exist, shariah banking industries will predicted find the momentum. Shariah bank will make improvement. The content of rules are possible to push the growth of shariah banking in Indonesia. But in the fact, there are some important thing related to instrument and shariah banking product also that less ideal in this banking industries. In this paper, we try to find and predict deeper about condition of shariah banking in Indonesia after UU 21, we also put lot of critical that will be send them. The result show that after the rules had exist, in short term we can not see the positive effect, significantly. In other case, we find a lot of thing that not come from genuine shariah banking, that in the future will have negative impact in the long term, such as: SBI Shariah instrument, shariah credit card, the domination of non PLS and other thing else.
Keywords: Perbankan Syariah, UU 21 Tahun 2008