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Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Call for Papers at University Tehran Iran

Ninth International Conference

The Tawhidi Methodology Applied to Institutional Market Dynamics for Development

Tarbiat Modares University, and Islamic Economic Association of Iran,
jointly with
Postgraduate Program in Islamic Economics and Finance
Trisakti University, Indonesia
Tarbiat Modares University
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

February 29-March 1, 2012

Call for Papers (more info hereunder)


Tawhidi methodology comprises the socio-scientific understanding, formalism and application of the oneness of the divine law in the being and becoming phenomenon of ‘everything’. The derived episteme of unity of knowledge, and its social construction of a unified worldview and world-system, lies at the core of the Tawhidi epistemology and methodology. After deliberating on the Tawhidi worldview and the unified diversity of themes in eight international academic conferences, we take the pleasure of announcing the ninth conference as mentioned above.
   The specific focus of the ninth international conference will be on the scientific and policy-theoretic treatment of the Tawhidi unitary worldview in the light of its epistemic law and applications, bringing out the interaction, integration and creative evolution of the relationship between markets and institutions. The impact of such institution-market dynamics are felt on various issues of socioeconomic development. The theme comes at a ripe time to discuss the important problems of market failure and institutional governance, government regulation and self-governing ethical transformation to establish an inclusive and fulfilling social and economic order. Many issues remain embedded in such a study of socioeconomic embedding. The emanating implications of such embedding between society, economy, financial domain, markets and institutions and their programs and policies convey profound insight into the sustainable development process. Ethical endogeneity in the midst of this experience is of core importance to establish sustainability by learning and unification, and self-governing ethical behavior. Dynamic preferences of individuals, groups, institutions and forms of market processes interrelate in such a profound embedding in the light of the Tawhidi dynamics.
          Papers in all topics pertaining to the theme are invited. Some specific areas are:

1.       The Tawhidi epistemology and the nature of its formal methodology
2.       The nature of markets and exchange, goods and pricing in Islamic economics
3.       Globalization, extension of markets and relevance of governance
4.       The Imam Shatibi and Ibn Khaldun kinds of markets, goods, well being and institutions
5.       Islamic political economy of institutionalism in comparative mainstream perspectives
6.       The limits of market freedom, consumer preferences, and institutional governance in the light of the Tawhidi unification worldview
7.       Corporate social responsibility for social reconstruction
8.       Case studies on institutional governance, programs and policies to create ethical markets:   types of institutions – grassroots, institutions, international organizations on global ethics and country studies
9.       Sustainability in development by way of market-institution dynamics
10.     Economic stability and social change towards an inclusive development paradigm by way of institution-market embedding
11.     Philosophy of science and economics implicated in the Tawhidi paradigm.
          Send abstract of your papers, by 29 April 2011 and completed papers, by October 29, 2011, electronically to:

Professor Yadollah Dadgar, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran,yydadgar@gmail.com
Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury, Sultan Qaboos University,masudc@squ.edu.om,
Professor Sofyan Syafri Harahap, Trisakti University,sofyansyafri@yahoo.com

          Only highly scholarly papers will be accepted. Papers presented will be further reviewed for possible publication in the international refereed journal, Humanomics, International Journal of Systems and Ethics Postgraduate students are encouraged to submit and present learned papers.
           Note that there will be a pedagogy session pre-conference on 28 February, 2012. This extra-conference session will be addressed by teachers from IEF, Iran and abroad. Teachers in the field of the Tawhidi methodology and students therein by interest and experience are encouraged to attend.

          Participants shall bear their travel expenses. Accommodation expenses and local hospitality will be provided by the conference organizers at Tarbiat Modares University for four nights Feb. 28- March 1 inclusive. Participants are exempted from payment of registration fees.

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  1. assalamu alikum , very nice these kind of activities are very helpful for the implementation of Islamic economy, we should continue these programs.
    Zulqarnain Haider
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    Thx for response.